Suspension in cars is a mechanical system, springs, shock absorbers and struts are. BMW driver replaces the old BMW chassis suspension to improve performance and to give their cars a better view. Ordinary suspension parts may sometimes be even worse after exposure to 50,000 miles.

Therefore, you should inform your vehicle by installing suspensions true BMW walk considerable pleasure. You can buy these cars in spectacular prices by buying chassis immediately. BMW drivers have to make these teams the confidence to install and a great driving experience it.

Suspension E39 – 5 Series 96-03:

Improve your car at one time with the BMW E39 chassis, as they give your BMW a sporty look and better handling. A suspension of used cars is uncomfortable, in fact, and calls for immediate replacement. Consider E39 chassis improvements for Series 5.

H & R sport springs E39 96-03 Front: 1.3 “Rear: 0.75″

This popular sport spring out of the car from 1.5 to 2 cm on average, for better handling, aggressive looks and a minimum of gravity. It certainly depends on what brand and model of your car. The sport suspension provides better control. Easily be used for regular use. Insist on the use of casual and sports Spring Street circuit. The estimated reduction is 1.3 inches in front and back pockets is 0.75 inches.

E63 Suspension – 04 + 6 Series

These kits are made with quality materials. They are also designed for easier and better control in his series 6.

E63 Eibach Pro-Kit Spring 8.4 September Front: 1.2 in Rear: 1.2 inch

Eibach Pro-Kit, in fact, works best for the trams, which are often driven. The damping system improves the appearance and performance of your car. Crouching lower the landing gear when the vehicle speed, low center of gravity and helps to prevent excessive dive under braking application. In combination with the Plus or Plus-2-1 tires and wheels, this Pro-Kit is a perfect finishing touch. Front and rear the estimated reduction is 1.2 inches.