The car’s suspension plays an important role, so you can handle without difficulty and pain. There are cushions to absorb impact in his car as he enters the street. It is necessary, otherwise it can cause pain in your body feels during the trip. And shrubs are an integral part of the vehicle suspension.

In general, people ignore the importance of these components and the adaptation of simple rubber or nylon sleeves. These materials have many disadvantages, because they have less resistance, attrition is high, is easily destroyed with gas or oil. And because shrubs often operate without lubrication, these conditions are not ordinary buses. It has a bad influence on the overall health of your car. Can not provide an optimal level, so you are right, is not as easy as it should be in touch. This is the time of the bushes and well known in this case a polyurethane suspension bushings changed to the bushes, and being a cop.

These buses are excellent poly bushes without significant drawbacks. Though cheap compared to the usual shrubs, but are more profitable in the long term. If you ask a mechanic, it is generally said that in ordinary buses from 5,000 to 15,000 cycles, but the bushes, which consists of polyurethane can last 55,000 cycles. This is because they are tough and strong. Gas and oil do not affect them much, because the self-lubricated, and that is why we always to help you and your car has good speed and smoothness to achieve.

Therefore, poly suspension bushes always fit in the car and enjoy a long journey for a long time. I’m sure you and your car will both feel healthier.