If you think the suspension damping is what immediately comes to mind shocks. This is a natural tendency, as shocks directly to the action of the spring, ranging from the train and recovery cycles. However, road and manipulation not only by the springs and dampers, but also for stabilizers, bushes and chassis rigidity own question. The stiffness of the sidewalls affects the handling of a car. Suspension settings can be very subjective, and an environment that works for a particular driver is not necessarily work for another driver, even though the cars, both drivers are built exactly the same.

While the adjustable dampers can provide a good option in terms of damping tuning of suspension, the same adjustment to confuse the less experienced pilots. Fine tuning requires a driver adjustable shock absorbers compatible with a good sense of the changes, sometimes minutes, to be introduced to change the setting. He spits a lot of non-adjustable shock absorbers offer outstanding performance of the box. Bilstein and Koni dignitaries, and although these are expensive, these shocks have a lifetime warranty. Travelers on a budget can have a look at the Tokico blues, the good performance of the price. For the average driver to enjoy your car in the corners without wanting to be bothered with the setup, these shocks is an excellent choice, you will be able to focus on the unity of the shocks and struts when you vote. However, if you have a car on the track and / or race, is adjustable shocks a bit more performance determined in a quick time. Also, remember to squeeze the consistency and data logger configuration to obtain the best fit of the suspension to achieve.

Remember that even the best suspension components for nothing if you have a flexible chassis. If you have a chassis that folds a lot, no matter how large adjustable suspension to compensate for the loss. For this reason, installation is a good idea, braces and subframe connectors Chassis (if any) in your car. The brakes are cheap compared to the benefits that will give your car stiffness. If the toy is a fast road car and leave no trace is the largest car ride aftermarket stabilizers commitment unless substitution of sources. If the stabilizer does not come with stiffer bushings, you have to replace. The plane of the curves much stiffer stabilizer.

Adjusting your suspension damping is a matter of choosing the best compromise for a particular application. You know your expectations, giving a clear idea of ​​what to buy if the suspension components