Why are so popular and really improve the car’s handling. In theory, if the car is low, although the center of gravity therefore reducing body roll and improves handling. However, the treatment, the car is not only determined by the center of gravity. You should also cushioning system, spring constant, the state of the road, the tire sidewalls, the unsprung weight, grip and suspension geometry to re-examine.

At the time of its founding until the screw ever popular interest. There are plenty of aftermarket manufacturers with different brands and types of springs. Coilovers are popular with drivers due to their adaptability. You can use the height and in some cases it may also absorb way to produce greater maneuverability.

There are two types of springs. They are true coilover suspension and the type of coilover suspension from the bus. A true spring where clashes are causing a threaded body when using the other thread as a kind of shirt. “It is one of the largest, well-known manufacturer of springs H & R Now there are several companies such as Tein, Intrax, etc also coilover suspension. However, pioneered Ground Control coilover suspension trained manga. We have no doubts about the benefits of a true coilover suspension. But what kind of manga “? Are you? Work in theory, functions as a true coilover suspension. In real life, not even near the place, not coilovers sport shocks and springs setups.

Ground Control, a pioneer in the sleeve design technology “aluminum sleeve with Eibach race springs body. The base of the spring with the support of a rotating disk with a single locking Allen screw. What happens to I ask this design, like all other “sleeve type” coilover, there are good opportunities for the sleeve to rotate and slide in the spring. This may be the enthusiast driver, the car to the limit, as was the case. The other thing that My concern is Allen screw. A screw that small tasks and adjust the tension generated by the car when you drive an enthusiast.

Weapon R coilover conversion tuner 2. This is basically the same for the control of land, unless the additional locking plate (with the Allen screw in the same place) supposedly included for added security.

Skunkworks and AROSPEED. These two companies use to set screw type of suspension can be applied. The two faces close together. This is by far the best and still not fixed. But as the battle of the manga? Some things must be done to secure the sleeve.

These disadvantages can create not only rattling noise, but can be very dangerous. Imagine: you turn quickly brought to the big money doing the work when the suspension sleeve / locking plates for a shock sudden movement in the suspension (for example, when driving on rough road) and therefore lifted your tire on the ground traction to lose ……….

Why is it so popular? Because it is cheap ($ 249 – $ 399US) compared with the actual coilover suspension (1,200 U.S. dollars and above). It looks good, is adjustable, and again makes your car cool ….

Driver Beware

The correct way to wire a coil-over suspension to adjust the use of a balance. The idea of ​​such suspension adjustment equal to the tax on tires (or bias to the track in a circle) on the curves. The fact that the lower car with just an added benefit, but it is not their primary function. You should be aware that the performance of your car the pain if you do not change at least pretty close. Best case, the car can not corner as good as before.

In the worst cases, you can handle the dangerous turning point. This may sound like hyperbole, but with a load configuration of the thread left front and right rear tire and a car that is very good but not worth very good. Possibly also rotating. All this fits well with the level of self. You have the suspension, now take the time to straighten it. Find a tire shop to work with a corner scale and adapt to fatigue loads and ground clearance. The goal is to cross weights (diagonal weights) to increase. It is not as important as the other weights to retaliate. Is the weight of crossing sneak up on you.