One can say that as you are proud of their new car through the streets and highways, rest ultimately, loyal and depending on its suspension. However, few drivers and motorists often a time of reflection on the courage and confidence to trust in mobile security and comfort.

The suspension of car, truck or SUV that carries the weight of the entire vehicle and its cargo, passengers isolated from the dents and dings in the streets and roads, and keeps the wheels of his car in contact with the ground. All this is achieved by means of springs and dampers.

A spring is simply a device that returns to its original shape after distortion. In a vehicle suspension is placed between the frame and wheels. There are three types of sources are used in different combinations. The springs are made of different lengths of screws of steel or fiberglass together, so that the spring thicker in the center (where the greatest power and total power received and used during the trip), then at the ends. The torsion bar springs rigidly connected to the structure and indirectly to the wheels to absorb bumps and vibrations caused by the rotation as a whole. Feathers are the rods, which are wound in a spiral – in fact, and the opportunity of a coiled torsion bar. To absorb the impact of compression and expansion.

Shock absorbers cushion the movement of the suspension springs and comfort. The shocks may be in the automotive sector and trade, ultimately misnamed must say – the shock is not really due to the springs of the car absorbs the shock itself.

Not only his suspension provides a comfortable ride for you, your passengers and goods, but also the sport shocks and springs that run to provide security – particularly important in rapid response to emergencies and emergency management for an alleged defect. So make it a point not to take your car to “fallen sports shock absorbers and springs for granted.