The type of rear suspension depends on whether the car with front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. The first front-drive car has a solid axle system is used for installation in the rear. But like driving was important to car buyers leading manufacturers better, the rear suspension in the front car, where they are independently suspended using the design of the back of a strut McPherson, multilink setup used car or different length A-arm setup. Because the rear wheels of a front wheel drive car does not have the control necessary for the front, which is a simple thing, the front suspension for use as rear suspension with front wheel drive cars to modify.

The rear suspension for driving, a live tree with a multi-link suspension, but as I said, most modern cars now have 4-wheel independent suspension because of the ride and handling qualities requirements and competition in the market. It should be noted that vehicles are used as the 2011 Challenger Drag Pak solid axle, power and torque, the V10 engine, which will be treated. Unlike the 60, but cars like these are more the exception than the rule today. RWD independent suspension have fucked the differential, sub frame or unibody of the car. External drive shafts with universal joints at both ends to connect the wheel hub. McPherson and springs are used in conjunction with the left control of the arms or under the car. The four-wheeled vehicles also uses a mechanism of the rear wheels can rotate a bit. While most mass-produced cars today with the IRS, the specialized manufacturers of cars, especially those who are equipped to make the car easier route, I sometimes use Dion rear axle. It has the advantage that no change of curvature bounce, which improves traction and improves with the reduction of unsprung mass, the total treatment.

Suspension four-wheel drive cars “back usually imitate the design of the front axle. While the double-wishbone suspension provides better performance because of rigid control and fall is detected, the MacPherson is very useful in suspensions due to its compact design. In spite of negative camber in the spring is compressed (which is good for handling), this can cause problems during periods of acceleration. But above all, used two-time world champion Car rally (Subaru Impreza, Lancia Delta Integrale) suspension MacPherson.